Quiz 1

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You are in the final close phase of the project. which of the following tools and techniques would be used?
Organizational process assets updates is an output in which of the following process?
In the context of the Precedence diagrams which among the below relationship model is more often used?
John is the project manager in an MNC. In order for John to ensure that all the work in the project is included, which one of the below documents should he create?
Who is responsible for scope validation?
Focus group is one of the techniques used in identifying the requirements. who among the following facilitates the focus group?
Which of these is an example of processes in the closing process group?
While planning a project, you are defining activities. Which of the following is a result of that process?
Which of the following is not a tool for Perform Quality Control process?
Which of the following document best describes how the project management team will implement the performing organization's quality policy?


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