Quiz 2 – Risk Management

Welcome to your PMP Quiz 2 (Risk Management)

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1) You are the project manager for XYZ project. During the course of the project, a defect was identified as a key component which was not planned for. The team, however, managed to make the product work without the defective component. This is an example of ---------------
2) David is the newly appointed project manager in Orange group of companies. A risk management plan has been drafted for the project that he manages. What is his next step now?
3) Below are the tools and techniques for Identify Risks process. SWOT Analysis is part of which one of them?
4) A technique through which a project manager and his team can determine which risks have the most potential impact is called?
5) A project manager sends a questionnaire to a group of experts in order to gather information related to identifying risks. Which technique is the project manager using now?
6) Brian is the project manager for a complex software project. He along with his team had performed risk identification for the project completion. However, Brian still feels the list of identified risks is not complete. He wants to set aside some budget to handle any surprise risks in future. This budget is part of --------------?
7) Data Analysis is one of the tools and techniques used in perform quantitative analysis process. Which among the following is not a part of Data Analysis?
8) Risk Report is an output of which process?
9) Which one of the following is not an input to Plan Risk Responses?
10) One among the following is not a strategy used for Threats. Which one is that?


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